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  Slurry Disposal:


The sediment management plan for the removal of Matilija Dam includes using a slurry pipeline to transport approximately 2 Million Cubic Yards of fine silt and clay to locations downstream of the Robles water diversion facility.  The figure below shows a conceptual alignment for the slurry line. This was also conceived as a potential recreational trail to follow the alignment of the slurry pipeline after the fine sediments from Matilija reservoir have been removed and deposited downstream.






  • Private property: residents have concerns over privacy and security
  • Public trails: plan should mesh with existing/planned OVLC facilities
  • Geographic Constraints: bottleneck at confluence and Camino Cielo

References: See "Draft Slurry Pipeline and Recreation Trail Alignments" at

Slurry Disposal Site(s):

  The Feasibility Study 'Recommended Plan' identified 5 disposal sites, now known as Baldwin Road Disposal Areas (BRDA) downstream sites. (Left hand figure) a single site identified as the Meiners Oaks Disposal Area (MODA.) The figure on the right is from the Draft Recommended Plan from February 2004 describingthe Meiners Oaks DisposalArea (MODA). This was originally a 90 acre/15-20 ft deep disposal site below the bluff along Rice Rd. Recent and ongoing studies by the Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Ventura County are aimed at determining the preferred site (or sites) for slurry disposal.

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