Proposed Surfers Point Managed Retreat Project

The graphic below illustrates the latest design, showing the streets and parking locations, as well as the beach restoration zone.

Surfers Point Park Conceptual Plan: Managed Shoreline Retreat

Prepared by: Noble Consultants, Inc. Kobata Associates, Inc.

November 21, 1997

The coastal engineering design consists of the following elements:

removal of all existing improvements seaward of Shoreline Drive

Armoring the beach with a natural cobble mattress to stabilize the nearshore profile

Placement of feeder dune material from inland sources. The dune would be eroded during storms, thereby naturally renourishing downcoast beaches. The dune would be periodically restocked on an as needed basis. (this sand would be trucked from matilija dam)

Constructing a buried cutoff wall with toe stone revetment to provide a silent sentinal to protect inland areas during times of severe beach erosion. The visible portion above grade would be architecturally finished for aesthetics.

Preliminary cost estimates total $4,500,000.

EIR Alternatives

This information is also available as a downloadable 11"x14" flier: pointflier.pdf (1.2 M)

(May 1, 2002 - also note that the Surfrider proposal will be incorporated into the EIR as "Alternative 5 - Modified Surfrider Alternative" - click here to view this plan:   Alt 5.pdf )

The Plan: In 1995, the Surfrider Foundation proposed moving the Surfers Point bike path and parking lot inland to avoid future erosion damage. In 2000, local government resolved to reconstruct the bike path at the inside edge of the existing parking lot and provide free parking along Shoreline Drive. As this diagram shows, this creates a retreat zone of 64.5 feet at the narrowest point.

Now in 2001, an Environmental Impact Report includes the following scenarios for the future of Ventura’s most popular surfing beach. Each of these options leaves unanswered questions:

Alternative 1: buried seawall with no action in retreat zone

This most basic alternative relocates the bike path and parking and places a "buried seawall" along Shoreline drive.

* what will the retreat zone look like? a dirt lot?

* why build a buried seawall once the damaged facilities are moved out of danger?

Alternative 2: cobble berm with dune and buried seawall

This alternative places an artificial cobble berm along the entire beach

* why dump tons of cobble on the beach near the rivermouth?

* what about the artificial fill beneath the retreat zone? we don't want more debris from decades of dumping to erode onto our beach!

* why build a seawall if the beach is to be renourished in the future with sand and cobble?

Alternative 3: cobble berm

This alternative creates an even bigger cobble berm, and buries it beneath the existing dunes. Sand is not a part of this plan...

* how will we access the water over the rock structure?

* what happens to the dunes after the bulldozers are done?

Give it Space! a locally preferred alternative for beach restoration at Surfers Point

(May 1, 2002 - note that this proposal will be incorporated into the EIR as "Alternative 5 - Modified Surfrider Alternative" - click here to view this plan:   Alt 5.pdf )

The Managed Shoreline Retreat Project was developed to solve problems at Surfers Point resulting from the construction of a bike path and parking lot on artificial fill placed at the ocean’s edge. The objectives are:

· Relocate bike path and parking inland

· Preserve public beach access

· Restore the beach to natural conditions

Preliminary engineering designs are shown above. The diagram below shows Surfriders' proposal for a combination of the best aspects of those options, an alternative that will benefit the beach with the least impact:

· Replace artificial fill under retreat zone with cobble and sand

· Rebuild dunes and leave a natural shoreline near the river mouth

This plan respects the river mouth as an ever-changing environment that needs little more than the sand and cobble that the river provides, a little room to move, and our dedicated stewardship of this special place.

Don't sit on the shoulder for this one- tell the City of Ventura to make the right choice: a restored beach and dunes, not a buried seawall fortified with rock.