Surfers Point Park Conceptual Plan: Managed Shoreline Retreat

Prepared by: Noble Consultants, Inc. Kobata Associates, Inc.

November 21, 1997

The coastal engineering design consists of the following elements:

removal of all existing improvements seaward of Shoreline Drive

Armoring the beach with a natural cobble mattress to stabilize the nearshore profile

Placement of feeder dune material from inland sources. The dune would be eroded during storms, thereby naturally renourishing downcoast beaches. The dune would be periodically restocked on an as needed basis. (this sand would be trucked from matilija dam)

Constructing a buried cutoff wall with toe stone revetment to provide a silent sentinal to protect inland areas during times of severe beach erosion. The visible portion above grade would be architecturally finished for aesthetics.

Preliminary cost estimates total $4,500,000.