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Matilija Dam Facts

15.6 miles from the ocean within Los Padres National Forest

Date constructed

Water supply and flood control

Preconstruction Estimated Cost: $682,000
Actual Construction cost: over $3 million

Constructed height: 190 feet (1125 elev)
Current height: 160 feet (1095 elev) (notched in 1965, 1977)

620 feet

Crest: 8 feet
Base: 35 feet

Reservior Capacity
Design: 7,018 acre feet
After notching: 3800 acre feet (excluding sedimentation losses)
Current: Less than 500 acre feet (combined notching and sedimentation losses)
Projected: zero capacity by 2020
Original reservoir area: 126.8 acres
Drainage area of Matilija Creek above dam site: 55 square miles
Original Spillway capacity: 60,000 cubic feet per second at water elevation 1137 feet

Matilija Dam in 2000

Photo: Matilija Dam today (Aug 2000)