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Levee Design  

The Matilija Dam Project includes modification or construction of three levees downstream of the dam site. These are located at Meiners Oaks, Live Oak (Oak View) and Casitas Springs.



  • Impacts to recreation and public access
  • Combined with the proposed levee the MODA site may induce flooding and subsequent urbanization of the adjacent neighborhood (i.e. escalating flood control measures including channelization of creeks within the floodplain.)



Meiners Oaks Levee


pic5 pic6




These figures show the historical river channel migration since 1947 and location of tributary inflows.  The alignment of proposed levee is shown in the figure on the left.  Green lines represent existing flood control channels.

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These figures show the existing 100-year flooding threat, worst-case flooding with dam removal, and intended flood mitigation with proposed levee (which is shown for reference on each image.) Inflow from upland tributaries was not included in this analysis.  Ref: Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Sediment Studies for the Meiners Oaks and Live Oak Levees - DRAFT Report (July 2007),


(see also Matilia Coalition Levee Comments 10-24-08.pdf)






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Flooding analysis from Feasibility Study




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