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Matilija Coalition Position on Permanent Upstream Sediment Management

February 16, 2010To: Darryl Buxton, Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers Jeff Pratt, Director, Ventura County Public Works Agency RE: Matilija Coalition Position on US Army Corps of Engineers Proposal to Permanently Sequester Fine Sediments in Matilija Canyon The Matilija Coalition is a non-governmental organization comprised of local, state, and national organizations committed to…
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Matilija Dam in the news

In today's Ojai Valley News: Silt Wars: Casitas Municipal Water District’s rejection of disposal plan threatens dam’s removalThe Casitas Municipal Water District refused Wednesday to endorse in concept disposal of 2.1 million cubic yards of silt behind obsolete Matilija Dam to a storage area above the dam, an alternative favored by county and federal agencies.…
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San Clemente Dam moves forward

Recent news on San Clemente Dam: The headline reads: Deal struck to tear down 106-foot dam; would be largest dam removal in California. "A $150 million project to tear down the 165-foot Matilija Dam in Ventura County, which is also silted up, was approved in 2004 by county officials, but has not been implemented yet…
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Matilija Dam – Upstream Sediment Storage

Matilija Dam Design Oversight Group (DOG) MeetingThursday Jan 14, 2010 Project managers presented the latest proposal for dealing with sediment accumulated behind Matilija Dam. Management of 2 million cubic yards of fine sediments has become the critical issue, since significant problems arose with the slurry/downstream disposal plan outlined in the 2004 Feasibility Study. The 'fines'…
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DFG Grant proposal

On Monday Oct 19, I presented a proposal for steelhead monitoring to the Tri-county Fish Team and Department of Fish and Game (DFG) representatives. The Matilija Coalition would like to use a Fisheries Restoration Grant to support two years of comprehensive monitoring to compliment the studies that began in 2003 with habitat assessment for the…
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Much needed rain

The river received a much-needed rain this week. Ojai received over 4inches, and some locations in the mountains recorded almost 10 inches. Good news for farmers, whose wells ran dry sometime around July, forcing them to purchase water from Casitas Municipal Water District. Good news for the river too, as flows were dropping rapidly at…
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New Solution for Dam Removal?

Matilija Dam Design Oversight Group (DOG) MeetingWednesday September 18, 2009 The Design Oversight Group meeting was well attended with representatives from local, state, and federal agencies as well as several local residents and interests. The primary topic of discussion was how to reduce the escalating costs of the project and re-energize the efforts to remove…
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Thank You Ocean

The Ocean Takes Care of Us, Let’s Return the Favor … The ocean is a vital resource that provides food, water, commerce, recreation, medicine and even the air we breathe. Today, our ocean faces unprecedented threats from pollution, trash, declining fisheries and multiple impacts from climate change. World Ocean Day is June 6. Click…
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Matilija arundo project update

Last update on Arundo was last year's public meeting. County contractors began followup treatment this spring, using backpack sprayers to retreat the sprouting plant throughout the project area. This photo is the view from the road looking out into the sediment-filled reservoir area above Matilija Dam. Re-sprouting Arundo is evident in the foreground, as well…
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