Monthly Archives: November 2016

Scientific paper on Matilija Dam removal

Cui et al, 2016, Analyses of the Erosion of fine sediment deposit for a Large Dam Removal Project: Matilija Dam, An Empirical Approach This paper, published in the International Journal of River Basin Management, 2016, provides a scientific framework for natural erosion of fine sediments in dam removal projects like Matilija Dam. ABSTRACT Large quantities…
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Aloha Beach Festival benefits Matilija Coalition

[caption id="attachment_3442" align="alignnone" width="978"][/caption]   Many thanks to Chip and Kelly Bell for their generous donation of $10,000 raised by the annual Aloha Beach Festival! This year, in light of recent progress with the dam removal project, the Bell's designated the Matilija Coalition as their beneficiary of this annual event. Thanks Chipper Bro!
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Dam scissors stickers

Matilija Dam made headline news in 2011 when a giant pair of scissors appeared overnight.  This image is now becoming a symbol of dam removal. Building on this theme the Matilija Coalition just designed and printed a short run of stickers. They proved very popular, and the first 500 are out in the community. More…
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